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Celebrating Step 4: Help mothers initiate breastfeeding within an hour after birth

Today we celebrate step 4!  This month we also celebrate 6 years of placing babies skin to skin (STS) with their mothers (and sometimes fathers) here at Memorial Hospital of South Bend. I’m often asked how we did it. Below is … Continue reading

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Get On Board

This week LaToya Parhm guest blogs on how the principle of managing up can be used when implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. LaToya is a R.N. and charge nurse in the Childbirth Unit. She graduated with a nursing degree from Indiana University and … Continue reading

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Life is a Group Project

I was talking to a leader at another hospital the other day.  She was telling me about her struggles with getting her Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) on board with Baby-Friendly.  During the conversation I remembered a life lesson that only … Continue reading

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Step 3: Breast or Bottle–More than a Coke or Pepsi Choice

I’m sure it’s happened to you. You order a Diet Coke and the waiter says, “Diet Pepsi OK?”  “Fine,” I always say. It’s cold, brown and fizzy. Little else matters in my opinion. Are you making a sour face as you read … Continue reading

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Task Force Meeting #2: The Designation is Not the Goal

blogtobabyfriendly is a chronicle of Memorial’s journey to UNICEF/WHO Baby-Friendly designation. But the designation is not the goal.  In fact, there is danger in focusing on the designation alone. Subtle but powerfully distracting changes occur in our conversations when we … Continue reading

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