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Chest-Clutching Care

Unless it’s my weight, I love measuring things. Over the years of parenting, our home has been filled with sticker charts, graphs and containers to measure kids’ progress in everything—bed-making, piano-playing, even underwear-changing. (I need another blog for that one!) … Continue reading

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Re-thinking Patient Education

What if we rethink patient education and make it more like a mom-friend writing down her own helpful hints? Except this mom-friend is a baby expert or breastfeeding expert right in your community, at the hospital where you delivered your … Continue reading

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5 Facts for Obstetricians

One of the best things I get to do as part of the Baby-Friendly project is speak to groups of doctors, administrators, nurses and families about what all of us can do to make breastfeeding work for mothers in our community. How … Continue reading

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Baby-Friendly’s Ginsu Knife

Remember Ginsu knives? They popularized infomercials and could “cut through a nail, tin can, radiator hose and still cut a tomato paper thin.” What really made Ginsu knives famous was their infomercial mantra, “But wait!  There’s more!” Baby-Friendly has its … Continue reading

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