Unattended Baggage

You think it will never happen. The perils of unattended baggage are broadcast every 30 seconds over  the airport PA system. So who would do that! Um … me.

I hadn’t seen my high school friend in probably 20 years, and there she was at LaGuardia Airport. I know it’s sappy, but it was just like in the movies–the running, the hugging, the quick catching up while TSA officials came with the bomb-sniffing dogs. Well, that last part only happened in my head.

You don’t have to fly often to memorize the constant admonishment about unattended baggage and packing your own bags. You would think by now we’ve got it. They can stop the messages, and we’ll be fine. Maybe not.

Some messages are worth repeating. Without repetition, we begin to wonder, “Does it matter anymore? Is it still true? Did they stop doing that?”

Baby-Friendly designation happens in four phases: Discovery, Development, Dissemination, Designation. As we move into the Dissemination Phase, our units are going to sound like an airport. Messages will be repeated. Nurses will complete breastfeeding education. Posters, new patient education, checklists, interviews and data collection will be the words of the day.

The end result will be earning a designation in early 2014 that is so much more than a plaque on a wall or something we can post on our website. The result will be improved evidence-based care of our patients, families bonded together like glue and more confident parents. And just like you know to wear easy-to-slip-off shoes when you fly, families will know what to expect when they come to have a baby at Memorial Hospital.


About blogtobabyfriendly

blogtobabyfriendly is written by Amy Murray, a Childbirth Unit nurse with a touch of earth muffin crunch. A childbirth educator and IBCLC, she's been a breastfeeding advocate all her adult life, believing that if our bodies make milk, it just makes good sense to feed it to our babies. blogtobabyfriendly is her hospital's journey to Baby-Friendly designation. Click to get email updates on new blog posts. Our desire is to learn, share, and learn more.
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