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Guilt-Part II

Some say worry is the work of motherhood. It begins the moment the stick shows two pink lines—Am I ready for this? Is everything ok? Will my baby be healthy? Is it a boy? A girl? Will I be a … Continue reading

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Nourishing a Baby

My parents made the next major life step – the winter home in Florida! The move happened last week and with it, plenty of cleaning and purging. As a result, I received a package of childhood memorabilia, including pictures of … Continue reading

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Why Not a Big Pink Bus?

Originally, I thought I would write about each task force meeting. I quickly realized writing about meetings is boring. But our last task force meeting? Well, you all need to read about that one! Ryan Comfort, a 29-year-old graduate of … Continue reading

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Policy Shmolicy

Breastfeeding is an art. Helping a woman with breastfeeding requires taking in all kinds of information–social, emotional, physical, medical–and formulating a unique plan of care for her. There are few pat answers or solutions to obstacles. Given this, some nurses are … Continue reading

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Choosing Formula at a Baby-Friendly Hospital

A couple days ago I received an email from another employee at our hospital. She wrote to me about a concern I’m sure others have as well. I asked her if I could share our emails with all of you. … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Work-Out

At Memorial we have a Performance Excellence division to help departments streamline processes and become more efficient. In May, I approached our Six Sigma Black Belt to see how her expertise could help with our Baby-Friendly efforts. How fitting that … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Under Fire

You know the diet books Eat This, Not That? I have my own version for today’s blog called Read This, Not That. New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being targeted by the media for what critics say is an … Continue reading

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