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Before and After

I love “before and after” pictures.  Anything before and after will grab my attention — weight loss, home improvements, makeovers — I just love it! We are realizing some of our own “before and afters” at Memorial Childbirth Center as we are … Continue reading

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Policy Shmolicy

Breastfeeding is an art. Helping a woman with breastfeeding requires taking in all kinds of information–social, emotional, physical, medical–and formulating a unique plan of care for her. There are few pat answers or solutions to obstacles. Given this, some nurses are … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Work-Out

At Memorial we have a Performance Excellence division to help departments streamline processes and become more efficient. In May, I approached our Six Sigma Black Belt to see how her expertise could help with our Baby-Friendly efforts. How fitting that … Continue reading

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A 1/2 Year in Review

Baby-Friendly is a huge process-improvement project, requiring multiple nursing units to work together to change policies and practices. We are very fortunate at Memorial to have a highly cooperative team of nurse leaders, physician champions, as well as support and … Continue reading

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Chest-Clutching Care

Unless it’s my weight, I love measuring things. Over the years of parenting, our home has been filled with sticker charts, graphs and containers to measure kids’ progress in everything—bed-making, piano-playing, even underwear-changing. (I need another blog for that one!) … Continue reading

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Baby-Friendly with Pediatric Goggles

I had lunch last week with a group of Pediatric (Peds) nurses. I knew our Baby-Friendly efforts would affect Peds, but until last week, I had little idea how. Let’s look at the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding with Peds-colored goggles. … Continue reading

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Step 7: Rooming-in

Step 7. I love step seven. Put 2 fingers up on one hand, and then take your other hand and wrap it around. That’s step 7—tuck families in together. Step 7 is probably the most practice-altering piece of Baby-Friendly for … Continue reading

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